Attachment. Betrayal. Repair.

Learn The Art of Relationship Repair for Long-Lasting Love

wife kissing husband on cheek

Disagreements: nobody likes them and yet everyone has them.

Most couples find that after a fight, they feel more distant from one another. Over time, it can become increasingly difficult to come back together. Time passes and the intensity dissipates. That may help in the short-run, but unresolved issues just seem to lurk.

To help, I created The Art of Relationship Repair series. The seriew will provide you with a deeper understanding of the romantic relationship, what it’s for, and how to make it durable so that it can withstand conflict without compromising your relationship.

With the right information, you and your partner or spouse will know how you can repair your relationship after a fight and use conflict to increase intimacy. By understanding conflict within the deeper context of the romantic relationship, you and your loved one will maneuver through conflict with confidence, grow closer, and strengthen your connection.

In this series, you’ll learn how to:

-Create a Resilient Relationship

-Repair Your Relationship Following Conflict

-Address Unresolved Issues and Simmering Resentments –

-Use Conflict to Increase Intimacy

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