Attachment. Betrayal. Repair.

Challenging Popular Notions oF the Affair Triad

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We’ve all seen the magazine headlines, celebrity gossip stories, politicians who cheat and have listened to the experts that portray infidelity in trite and predictable ways.  Our culture tends to simplify and trivialize each person within the affair triad. In fact, the language of affairs also contributes to infidelity misunderstanding.  Popular notions suggest that:  The one who engaged in the infidelity is portrayed as a heartless, immoral villain and is labeled “The Cheater”.  The one who’s partner strayed is portrayed as an innocent victim who was wronged and made no contribution to the relationship crisis of infidelity.  This party gets labeled “The Betrayed Partner”. The outside party is demonized as an immoral, sex-crazed home-wrecker and is labeled “The Mistress”. (NOTE: There is no gender-parallel term for a male affair-partner). Are these portrayals accurate? Are the roles cast in concrete? Infidelity and affair recovery expert, Terri DiMatteo, LPC  challenges these conventional notions and offers a deeper, more comprehensive understanding plus

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