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Couple counselor and affair recovery specialist, Terri DiMatteo, LPC
Couple counselor and an affair recovery specialist
Terri DiMatteo, LPC

When people experience discord in their romantic relationship, it’s not just the relationship that suffers, but all other aspects of life. For example, sleeping, eating, and focusing becomes challenging during relationship discord—irritability and impatience can surface. 

Getting your relationship right is getting your life right.

I’m devoted to helping individuals and couples restore and strengthen their romantic bonds so that they can get their lives right again. When couples feel safe, close, connected, and loved, their confidence and health improve. 

A romantic relationship is a powerful attachment bond in which partners depend upon one another intensely. However, this interdependency creates a vulnerability that presents numerous challenges and is often the centerpiece of most issues. 

Over the years, I have developed a unique approach to helping couples resolve their relationship issues. The process I use to help clients is available to readers and listeners through my blog and podcast. The blog and the podcast help people better understand their relationship to connect more deeply and repair their connection when things go awry. I also serve as a relationship and infidelity expert in the media.

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Terri DiMatteo began her professional career as a New Jersey Certified (K-8) Teacher and Early Childhood Specialist. During her early childhood education, she came to appreciate the power of the mother-infant bond and the work of John Bowlby, known as The Father of Attachment Theory. Bowlby’s findings provided a foundation for her understanding that couples form a romantic attachment bond akin to the mother-infant bond. 

In 2012, after becoming a New Jersey Licensed Professional Counselor, she left teaching and opened her private practice, Open Door Therapy, in Westfield, New Jersey. Today Terri’s relationship counseling services are based in Princeton, New Jersey, are provided virtually, and are available to New Jersey residents.