Attachment. Betrayal. Repair.

The Complex Challenges of “No Contact” With the Affair Partner

The first task in affair recovery is to fully and permanently conclude the relationship with the outside party or the affair-partner. Full affair recovery cannot truly take place while a spouse or committed partner remains in contact with the affair-partner. While this task can occur expediently, more often than not, it is usually a challenging process that often comes with some backsliding. This stage of affair recovery is a complex and highly...


There are many notions about why people have affairs that suggest an evolutionary predisposition, that partners who stray are immoral individuals without conscience or that society and culture are to blame.  Affair recovery expert Terri DiMatteo, LPC of Open Door Therapy, has quite a different thought on the matter, and what she has to say about why people have affairs surprise you!  Listen now on Apple Podcasts!