How to Write a Love Letter

Flowers wilt and chocolates melt, but the Love Letter lasts forever.

Let the mass-produced cards remain on display in the store. 

You are sure to impress with a personal, intimate, endearing love letter. Love letters are an effective way to let your sweetheart know what they mean to you. As it is an intimate expression of soft sentimentality, writing a love letter to the one who is most dear to your heart strengthens your emotional bond. 

The love letter focuses attention directly on the beloved and identifies precisely those things that they find endearing. 

 As you concentrate on your sweetie, let the good feelings and memories flood your psyche as tender emotions rise to the surface. Doing this will help you to find just the right words to capture what it was that drew you toward your beloved in the first place. You can also consider how your own life has changed as a result of their presence in your life.

The aim is for the love letter recipient to be emotionally touched. The recipient is sure to realize just how special they are and what they mean to their partner or spouse. 

How to Write a Love Letter

The good old-fashioned romantic love letter is intended to reach the soul of the recipient. The process of writing the love letter also opens up the softer feelings of the writer. 

Set the Mood

You will need to find a private and personal space to write without distractions to set the mood to put yourself in the right mindset. Lighting a candle and playing soft music will help. Perhaps you have a song or two that you associate with your loved-one that will stir fond memories and delicate feelings. Let the setting stimulate the literary lover in you!


Take special care that your love letter looks and feels as beautiful as the words and sentiment that adorn it. Select a high-quality paper in a neutral, soft color. Write only with either black or brown ink and nothing brash or harsh. The love letter must be handwritten and not be typed, sent via email, or texted.

Your efforts with the writing of the letter and its presentation will be a direct reflection of the love, care, admiration, and respect you feel for your beloved. 

The Greeting

Select an intimate, personal and endearing salutation. Don’t be formal. Embellish the theme of your loved one’s first name. Here are a few suggestions for the love-letter salutation:


My dearest _____________________

To my beloved __________________

Darling ________________________



In the body of the letter include the reasons you fell in love in the first place. Recall how you first met or when you knew you had fallen in love with them. You might list qualities about your sweetheart that inspire you or mention a meaningful memory that the two of you share. Think of a moment that you felt especially moved by your sweetheart and write about it in great detail that includes your feelings and perceptions from your point of view.

The love letter is to express direct and sincere feelings and sentiments. It’s about romantic inspiration. The content should not include silly or casual jokes, nor should it be sexually suggestive.

The love letter is about the heart, not the loins.

If you want to add something about your lover’s physicality, make it something sentimental such as about their ‘beautiful eyes’ or your desire to embrace them or hold them close.

What matters in a love letter is that you mean what you say and that sentiment expressed is genuine. It’s a deliberate and intentional gesture designed to stimulate tender feelings of love and to strengthen the intimate emotional bond between you and your loved one.

The Closing

Conclude your love letter with something upbeat and romantic. Close with a genuine signature such as ‘With all my heart…’ or ‘Forever yours…’ Avoid formalities or the simple, ‘Love’ — instead, make it personal and memorable.

Extras: The Personal Touch

To add a little extra touch to your love letter, you might like to spray it lightly with your favorite perfume or cologne. Adding dried rose petals or small sparkly hearts from a craft shop adds a nice touch. For women writers, you might like to put some red lipstick on and then kiss the paper for a ‘sealed with a kiss’ imprint. 

For men, you might consider tracing your hand on the back of the letter. Your traced hand is a gentle suggestion to your beloved that she might ‘take your hand’ by placing her hand within it. 

A decorative postage stamp placed upside-down on the envelope is a European custom that signifies “I love you.”

When it comes to a love letter, it’s the little details that count!

Have fun writing your love letter! And, even if you live in the same house with your loved one — consider mailing it!

Imagine how excited you will be anticipating your beloved’s reaction as he or she discovers that a beautifully crafted love letter from you has arrived!

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