Why You May Still Be Thinking About An Old Flame

Do you still occasionally think about someone special from your past? Do you sometimes wonder ‘what if?’ even though many years have passed – and each of you has ‘moved on’? Does a special someone still hold a tender place in your heart? If so, you may have experienced ‘love interrupted’ rather than a break-up.


Making Sense of Infidelity

Affairs and infidelity are poorly understood forms of betrayal. Information provided in magazines, blog posts, in books and by experts is often confusing and convoluted at best. With years of experience as a relationship and couple counseling, Licensed Professional Counselor Terri DiMatteo of Open Door Therapy helps listeners ‘make sense’ of a topic that often puzzles

Affairs and Infidelity

Infidelity Explained: A Conversation (audio)

Relationship and couples counselor Terri DiMatteo, LPC of Open Door Therapy was interviewed on the nature of affairs by Shane Birkel, LMFT the gracious host of  The Couple Therapist Couch. Listen here.

Affairs and Infidelity

The Macro-Impact of Micro-Cheating

Micro-Cheating has garnered Macro-Attention. It’s a peculiar tension inducing oxymoron stirring as much uncertainty as these more familiar ones. Open secret Act naturally Jumbo shrimp It’s difficult to know which half of the term has it right. Is it the first half that suggests that Micro-Cheating is just a small, insignificant and harmless matter? Or, would it

Affairs and Infidelity

How to Write a Love Letter

Flowers wilt and chocolates melt, but the Love Letter lasts forever On the next special 0ccasion – or


Affair Recovery and “No Contact”

Bill and Jayla have just entered marriage therapy after Jayla discovered Bill’s  affair with Sarah. During their first session, the therapist tells them that part of affair recovery requires that Bill immediately enact a strict “no contact” with his affair-partner, Sarah. The counselor explains that marriage is for two people – not three – and that marital repair

Affairs and Infidelity

Fit For Fidelity with Dr. Sue Johnson

“Science has recently cracked the code on love.” – Dr. Sue Johnson

Affairs and Infidelity

The New Frontier of Sex & Intimacy | Dr. Sue Johnson

Best selling author of “Hold Me Tight” and “Love Sense.” Dr. Sue Johnson is a clinical psychologist and professor, and the creator of an effective and heavily researched method of couple counseling: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Dr. Johnson has trained thousands of therapists around the world. This talk was given at a TEDx event using


Infidelity as Trauma

Trust and safety are essential elements in a romantic relationship.  Infidelity takes direct aim at both placing the couple into crisis as the future of the relationship comes into question. As featured in the LoveBONDS podcast, Infidelity as Trauma. DURATION: Five minutes      

Affairs and Infidelity

What is Romantic Love?

Throughout the life cycle, we all need a primary protective loved one who we can trust and depend upon to keep us safe. Someone who will respond to us in our time of need apotekerendk.com. In childhood, these needs are typically met by one’s mother. It adulthood, it is the romantic partner. As featured in


What Constitutes Infidelity?

Which behaviors constitute infidelity? Is kissing someone other than your partner infidelity? Is excessive texting or emotional sharing with another infidelity viagra pris? Is there an identifiable line that shouldn’t be crossed? If so, what is it? Well, in fact, what constitutes infidelity is not about any particular behavior. As featured in LoveBonds podcast, What Constitutes Infidelity? 

Affairs and Infidelity

Why Do People Have Affairs?

Relationship betrayal is traumatic and brings deep pain and suffering to those directly (and indirectly) involved. So why are


Love Helps Manage Difficult Emotions

Romantic love serves an important purpose and function: it is designed to help partners regulate their emotions and


The Unique Nature of the Romantic Bond

The concept of romantic bonding is often described as a “strong connection” or a “deep friendship,” but in reality, the bond is so much deeper, more powerful and of much greater significance. As featured in the LoveBonds podcast, The Unique Nature of the Romantic Bond DURATION: Five minutes    


AUDIO: Affair Recovery and “No Contact”

Affair recovery requires that the relationship between the partner who strayed and the affair-partner must conclude completely, but

Affairs and Infidelity
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